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Height: 169cm
Ape: 0cm

Tim Tim 7a
95.2, 2/29/2020
Michelle Kuiper, May 6, 2021 on La Raie des Fesses

The jump start feel pretty far! I am 169 and could just reach it.

Michelle Kuiper, May 6, 2021 on Le Casse-Dalle (assis)

I am not sure it makes a big difference to the grade but according to Bleau.info you need to start with a crimp right hand and a low vertical crack left hand.

Michelle Kuiper, April 19, 2021 on Movement Activated (droite)

This is the 6b+ version: https://bleau.info/maunoury/307167.html
The 7a version starts more to the left

Michelle Kuiper, July 19, 2020 on Dyno's for girls, any recommendations?

Hi Girls,
I would like to improve my dyno skills and I was wondering if anyone knows suitable dyno's for people who are shorter (I am 168). I did Keo (7a - Canche aux Merciers) and La Quille (en jete direct) (6c - Bois Rond) and working on Mekka (7a+ - Rocher d'Avon Ouest). I rarely see any video's of girls dyno so it's hard to find my new dyno project. I would love to try some more jumpy lines so does anyone have a recommendation between 6c and 7a+? I looked at Bali Balan (7a - Apremont Envers) and Miss Dynamite (7a - Franchard Hautes Plaines) already and would like to try them.

Michelle Kuiper, July 7, 2020 on La Quille (en jeté direct)

Might be easier for shorter people because the foot holds are pretty close to the hands. Jumping backwards with both hands feels a bit scary at first but after a couple of tries and some commitment it can be done!

Michelle Kuiper, July 7, 2020 on Kéo

The jump is far but not impossible if you are shorter. The difficulty is the pore footholds and crimpy side pulls from where you have to jump.

Michelle Kuiper, March 12, 2020 on La Ritournelle

Thanks for the video and the beta! I'll go back and try it soon 😀

Michelle Kuiper, March 11, 2020 on La Ritournelle

Hi! I've tried this line last year but couldn't span the big move to the left (I am 1.68m). Does anyone have an alternative beta? Or do you just need to be tall to do this boulder? 😜