Apremont Désert


Apremont Désert is a girl climber paradise. The whole place is just strewn with all these amazing 7a's that fit a woman's frame and suit her climbing style.

There's Lost in Translation with its big moves between good holds, Des Vertes et des pas Mûres that bunches you up into a little ball while you flash it and lets you stand back and laugh as the guys slide off over and over trying to lank through. And Le Dolmen des Vieux with its girl-sized, man-proof roof and headwall.

It has Le Teletebbies looking at you when you set up camp, luring you in to its sloper topout over the pit of despair. And Endorphines on its pedastal looking so pretty, and dozens of other blocs that are just plain crazy fun to climb on.

It's that little bit out of the way, so the friction is better than most places in the forest. And the forest floor is mostly intact still, so you can land on pine needles rather than sand. It even dries pretty fast.

If you haven't made a trip out, you owe it to yourself to put it on the list.

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