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A few of our favorites...

OK Corral 7a
Franchard Isatis

A lovely first 7a for girls, where small hands and flexibility can be a real bonus. Sit start on a pad, with a left hand on the arete and a left heel hook, and climb the arete with somewhat sharp...

Action Directe (assis) 7a
Roche aux Oiseaux

A low traverse, followed by a tricky move to get established and reach up to some nice Font slopers.

Respect d'intention 7a
Franchard Isatis

Fun problem that feels hard at first but succumbs to plenty of feminine-foot-trickery. Sit start under the roof, and move out to the arete with powerful moves on a left heel hook at the back of...

La Grande Marche 7a+
Canche aux Merciers

Everybody's first 7a+. Shorties have an easier time with the bunched up start, but get paid back with a long reach getting to the good holds in the crack.

Bleau's Art 7b
Cuvier Merveille

A bit of a reachy start if you're short, but take an undercut and a sidepull on the left and make a big move to the right. Climb using heel hooks on both sides, and marginal slopey crimps in...

Transformers 7b
Long Boyau

Starting on the far left of the boulder with both hands to the left of the groove, climb down through the groove and under the belly of the rock on foot jams. Being small helps when you have to...

La Nuit 7c
Coquibus Longs Vaux

Start standing on the rock with the left hand low. Climb using big crimps and the hole in the roof to gain the pockets in the groove to the right and exit above.

Le Lot de Boudins 7c
Franchard Isatis

A fun traverse along the lip of a roof, with some tiny crimps that work for small fingers and no reaches anywhere in sight.

Why we're building BettyBeta

Girls are generally shorter and less muscular than our male counterparts, so in order to climb hard we often employ different techniques and tactics.

This website aims to collect technical beta from girls who have solved problems in their unique way and share it, so that you too can...

Climb like a girl

We've added a few climbs already, so go ahead and check out some of our recommended boulder problems for women in Fontainebleau. More are on the way, and with luck you'll be able to add some of your own soon.

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