Franchard Hautes Plaines


Hautes Plaines is a great choice to get away from the crowds without having to walk for miles.

It's tucked away right behind Franchard Isatis, sharing the same parking and actually being closer to that parking than some of Isatis' farther-flung classics. It has the World's Best Orange Circuit, as well as two nice Yellow Circuits.

Hautes Plaines is home to the Triple-Threat Girl Classic roof of Lapin ou Canard, Tom et Géry, and Ah, Plus Facile! all of which suit small frames and short levers, over left end of the area. And back by the yellow circuit starts, there's the 6b+ classic Black Hole Sun and other fun quick-drying lines on a sunny ridge.

Speaking of sun, it dries faster than you would think, with its North facing aspect. The boulders are nicely spread out and the trees considerately drop their leaves in the wet months so that the sun and wind can come through and do its job.

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