Pulpfriction (debout) 6b

Franchard Hautes Plaines, Fontainebleau

Crimps Wall

Climbed by


Jessie L., April 27, 2023

Isn't the video "Pulpfriction (gauche)" debout (or "Pulped friction" in some guidebooks) rather than "Pulpfriction (debout) 6b" ?
bleau.info and my guidebooks say the 6b version is on the right side of the arete, and that this version is 5c

Helen Dudley, April 27, 2023

Hiya Jessie, think it depended on whether you use the ‘pedestal’ block, but it’s pretty confusing. The route descriptions and names of these on Bleau.info are undergoing a flux at the moment, so hopefully they will settle at a consensus soon 🤗

Jessie L., April 27, 2023

Hi Helen, got it. Thanks for the explanation, I hope so as well!

Dani P., April 28, 2023

Hi Jessie, I ran into the same contradiction as you. The stand start on the left didn't feel like a 6b either, more like 5+, in my opinion. I interpreted the foto and description of Bleau.info to mean that the 6b goes along the other face, that is the standing start of pulpfriction 7a+. And this version felt more 6b-ish. But not sure about that. That would mean the stand start on the left side doesn't exist on bleau.info yet.

Terri Lesher, April 30, 2023

The Jingo Wobbly Top Secret guidebook calls the version in this video Tabac Froid 5c. There’s a Tabac Froid 5+ on Bleau.info, but the photos and video there show a climber on the face to the right. I think those may have been uploaded in the wrong place, because they seem more like what Bleau.info calls Pulp Friction (debout), 6b without the pedestal. Bleau.info uses the same name, Pulp Friction (debout), for the 5+ version of the same climb that uses the pedestal, but that version is called Pulped Friction 5c in the guidebook. So… clear as mud, right? 😂

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