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Terri Lesher, June 18, 2019 on Black Hole Sun

That’s the same as the videos on bleau.info. It is the description there that is confusing (“sitstart in the little pit”). Traversing in from the left is definitely better. But I can’t claim a FA for skipping a few moves 😉.

Terri Lesher, June 7, 2019 on What is the minor Crash Pad Equipment you take for bouldering?

I want a Blubber! They’re awesome. I have one in my shopping cart on Organic’s website, I’m just waiting to be home long enough to have it delivered.

Terri Lesher, June 1, 2019 on What is the minor Crash Pad Equipment you take for bouldering?

We always bring three: a small half-pad for sit starts, one medium size pad, and one large pad. If the boulder is very high or involves a traverse, we may bring additional pads. But the basic three cover most situations.

Terri Lesher, May 26, 2019 on Black Hole Sun

I did the same line as shown in both videos posted on bleau.info for Black Hole Sun, but they started further left and traversed right (two moves) to my start point. That version is probably better. I'd have done it that way if I saw the videos first. But I just had the bleau.info description- "Sitstart in a little pit and exit directly"- which I interpreted as seen in my video. Maybe the videos on bleau.info are actually a different problem. Either way, I can't claim a FA :) But we can take my video down to avoid confusion.

Terri Lesher, May 22, 2019 on Weather

When we stayed at Maison Bleau years ago, our host Neil Hart recommended https://www.yr.no/. He lived there year round and thought it was the most accurate. It has worked well for us when we visit!