Cuisinière is a gem of an area. One of the prettiest spots in the forest, with its pine-needled rolling hills and green boulders dotted around. It used to be quite popular, back when it had a parking lot at its base, but now it has just enough of a walk-in to keep the crowds away so you can enjoy all that nature to yourself.

It has a lot more than just that going for it though. A nice, soft, ego boosting red circuit for example. And the 6km long mountain orange circuit that's best described as a 4+ hour version of the "hot lava" game you used to play hopping over the furniture as a kid.

And there are a ton of girl-friendly classics such as Syphilisse 7a and La Réta Franklin 7a that succumb to strong little fingers and bodies that can mantle out of tight spaces, respectively. And, of course, there are the Best Slopers in the World on Le Mouton 6b+ that are worth the walk in just to pull on.

"Betty Approved" boulder problems

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