Le Mouton à 5 Pattes 7a

Cuisinière, Fontainebleau

Overhang Pockets SitStart Slopers

Girls tend to write this one off as a "guy problem". And it's true that you'll often find a crowd of gym-trained dudes slapping about on the thing. It's a good destination for your first trip to font if strength is all you have.

But smaller people with good technique may notice that they can gracefully rock their whole body over that hold that the guys put their heel on to lurch up for the sloper. And that they can reach statically to the pocket that everybody else is slapping wildly at, thus avoiding the headfirst flight into the tree that's otherwise a rite of passage for this problem.

See if you can find the place quiet one day, and deploy that grace!

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Aurélie Blaise , March 21, 2021

Pas évident de trouver le bon placement! ça fait tellement plaisir quand ça passe ;)

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