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Caroline Sinno, June 9, 2019 on Rio Bravo

I did the retour last week, around 7C too, seems harder than the aller version, especially for shorties, you can see my beta on @carosinno Insta (haven't put it on youtube yet).

Also the trav was surprisingly very dirty and chalked up for such a not famous line!! Such a pity...

Caroline Sinno, November 24, 2018 on Les Beaux Quartiers

Caroline Sinno, November 24, 2018 on Ascendência

One of my favorite trav in Font. Truly amazing!
No long reach except for the crux where I had to be a little creative in comparison to the men’s beta. You can see the beta on video.
People upgraded it to 8a+ and I also think it’s right.
Dries very fast and needs to be an overcast day because otherwise it is a bit warm for the slopers.

Caroline Sinno, November 24, 2018 on La Cicatrice de l'Ohm

A must done for shorties with strong fingers. A test piece of crimp power endurance.
Better for mid season because the area doesn’t dry fast. Also sit start is required because it’s one of the hardest move. But sit starting on crash pad is accepted by people and doable for shorter people.