Powerslave 7a

Apremont Ouest, Fontainebleau

SitStart Slopers Traverse

If you ever get tired of dicey moves way up in the sky over dicey landings, where a tiny foot slip will land you in the hospital, come check this line out.

It's a nice low lip traverse on slopers, with just enough room to slip a single pad underneath without scraping along it as you go. And the flattest sandy landing that nature ever deigned to stick under a not-too-difficult topout with genuine holdable holds on it.

Keep this one handy if you ever need a rest day for the mind.

Climber: Alison Ke

Climbed by


Aurélie Blaise , March 13, 2021

Se travaille bien seul, aucun mouvement n'est dur.

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