Lullaby 7a

Apremont Ouest, Fontainebleau

Crimps Wall

Crimps that look like jugs, with big moves where you expected small ones. It also overhangs more than it looks. No wonder you fall off so many times trying to do this thing.

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Cajsa Björkén, April 18, 2019

Does anybody know how this is supposed to be climbed? Can you use the left arête? Is there another beta than jumping to the right arête? Looks like a beautiful climb with many variations!

Amber Thornton, April 18, 2019

Hey Casja, it is beautiful but a bit confusingly eliminate :P
I used an undercut to control the move to the right arete, beta about halfway through the video here:
>Totally worth it :)

Fabiola, April 18, 2019

At 5:53 in that video, to be exact. Nice send, by the way!

Cajsa Björkén, April 21, 2019

Thanks! I looks awesome! And very powerful. Also many more nice climbs in that video, thanks for inspiration!

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