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Canadian American in SF & France. Mama to Lorenzo (5 years old) and Hazel (2 years old). Co-founder of Skimble. Climber of rocks! 🏞
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Maria Ly, May 1, 2019 on Close Contact (droite)

The right heel hock helps you control your movement to the lip and little right foot just under the lip is the key to your success! I did not hear about the top jug as being out before trying it today. You can certainly avoid it...just as Fabiola said, you're on good feet at that point :-)

Maria Ly, April 26, 2019 on 8-6 Bavaria

A bunch of little moves throughout. Do a hand match for small fingers and froggy feet on the lower tier will help you traverse through the middle bit.

Maria Ly, April 26, 2019 on Le Dolmen des Vieux

This problem has it all! Overhanging sit start to some decent holds followed by a neat gaston, slopers, heel hook, crimps, and a quick pop to the top.