Graviton 7a

Roche aux Sabots, Fontainebleau

Mantle Slopers

This is one of those lines that sucks you in. You'll get up to the slopers on your first go, and they don't even feel that bad at first. But the mantle is crazy hard no matter how you go at it (and there are a few good options). In the end it's more about perseverance and belief than anything else.

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Aurélie Blaise , March 13, 2021

Ce bloc fait peur mais n'est finalement pas si dangereux avec une bonne parade!

Helen Dudley, April 19, 2022

It’s worth checking this video on YouTube, even though it’s not a girl climbing. Patch has some beta that works for folks with legs too short to reach the high heel sweet-spot. This is the way I did it, but forgot to get a video 🤩🤩

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