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Height: 160cm
Ape: 155cm

- 5+
95.2, 3/29/2010
Kathrin, 2 days ago on P'tite Mousse

Hi Cat, as seen in the video I had to jumpstart it because I could not reach both starting holds at once. I am 160 cm and my armspan is 155 cm. Friction was good that day, so maybe that helps?

Kathrin, 2 days ago on Mr Poppers

Hi Aurélie, I did it after seeing several videos starting in the crack. I have not seen anyone starting with both hands low. And on bleau.info it is defined as "sit start", which is possible with one pad even if you are small. So ... I think I did it right, but can not be 100 percent certain.

Kathrin, June 11, 2020 on Lapin ou Canard

Alternative Beta for the roof section: If you‘re a little too short to keep your feet on the ledge to reach around to the slopers, a little jump works just fine ;)