Bas Cuvier is deservedly the most popular area in the whole forest of Fontainebleau. And girls hate it.

They shouldn't though.

The problem is that women tend to end up at Cuvier for the first time in the role of "climber's girlfriend" before they have really established their own identity on the rock. And because they're not strong enough to work on Carnage yet, they'll inevitably be ushered away to try the impossibly polished orange and blue circuit problems nearby, or to spend the day slipping off La Marie Rose, which is enough to put anybody off the area for life.

But there is a lot more to go at if you dig a bit deeper. Techincal sloper problems like La Conque a Doigt that succumb to finesse more than strength. 6a slabs such as La Nescafe that still possess things like friction and actual holds. And some amazing quality red circuit problems that (having not had all their footholds polished off by ten generations of climbing girlfriends) actually seem easier than a lot of the blues.

"Betty Approved" boulder problems

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