Bois Rond


Bois Rond is just magic. The perfect place to find a bit of shade on a warm spring day. As the name implies, it's a wheel of rock making its way around a little wooded picnicking glade at the top of the hill.

All the circuits (orange, blue, and red) start in the same place and make their way clockwise around the "round wood" to end eventually back in that nice picnic spot so that you can tag your partner, take over child minding duties, and send them off on their own lap.

There is just enough ground cover to allow one to run the orange (or blue if you're a bit bold) circuit without a pad, giving one the feel of how they were originally intended to be done.

While it does have a handful of hard testpieces, Bois Rond's party piece is its low juggy roofs such as La Quille 6b+ and Spinatus 6b that let you swing around on big holds in a 3D playground.

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