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Height: 166cm
Ape: -3cm

Magdalena Forster, June 8, 2022 on DJ Ridoo Joue du Didgeridoo

My height and ape make a sitstart Impossible without stacking pads. I feel like not doing one doesn't change the difficulty, what do you girls think?

Magdalena Forster, September 17, 2021 on La Grande Marche

I know I'm really late with this but for the first move it helped me a lot to sit really low under that starting flake (more a lying start than a sit start really 😅), I'm putting my left foot on the good foothold under the right hand and flag the right outwards.
When my left hand is in the crack I sort my left foot to the left and put in the right heelhook for the rest of the roof 😊
Not sure if you're still on it Elin, but maybe this helps other people too