Quartier Latin 7a

Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau

Crimps Dyno Roof SitStart Slopers

Big throw to start things off, then a funky mantle and some crimps above. A little of everything, really.

It's hard for shorties because of that huge blind jump at the beginning and the subsequent swing through various roots, pads and spotters. But then it's a hike to the top.

And it's hard for tall folk because after the nice easy blind reach out to the jug (with feet staying planted to the back wall), there's this impossible battle to get established over the lip before reaching up.

For a tall/short couple, it's a fun day (or season) spent working your respective weaknesses.

Climbed by


Aurélie Blaise , March 13, 2021

Magnifique! Petit dyno pour aller au trou suivi de mouvements d'équilibre, un grand plaisir à grimper.

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