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Height: 169cm
Ape: 5cm

- 5+
95.2, 10/4/2018
Petya Metya, October 4 on Staying logged in?

Thank you, gals, I have an Android phone and I don't have this issue on all websites, but maybe on some, not sure. I will test it on my laptop to see if it's still the case. It's not a big problem, just something I noticed and made me wonder. <3

Petya Metya, September 27 on Staying logged in?

Anyone else experiencing this? When logging in, I tick the box "Remember me" but I still get logged out automatically after a while and still have to fill in my username and password afterwards.

Petya Metya, October 21, 2020 on Vodka Martini

According to, starting with he bat hang is the 6a version, but it looks way more fun 🤩

Petya Metya, October 10, 2020 on Tango Triste (assis)

Does this line begin with the big undercling or how does it work? Also it is rated 6b on 27crags :)