Nostalgie (assis) 7a

Drei Zinnen, Fontainebleau

Crimps SitStart Slopers

Climbed by


Hanna Wegbrant, June 8, 2019

I´m not sure what problem I did on this video, but it was fun once I figured out some footbeta and the position of my hip through the first moves. My heel wasn´t much of a help at the end. Toe is what should be used!

Fabiola, June 9, 2019

Your sequence looks correct to me. You're right that it's tough to figure out exactly what's on and what's not, with those giant holds wanting to suck you out right and onto easy ground. I can't imagine anybody avoiding them better than you did.

If anything, you may have accidentally done the harder (7a+/7b) version.

Nice work!

Hanna Wegbrant, June 9, 2019

Thank’s for the respond!
Well, I couldn’t help myself not to take the first biggest hole.
Ah. Anyway it was a fun climb. That’s what count in the end right.. 😬 😃

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