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Height: 171cm
Ape: -2cm

Hanna Wegbrant, March 17 on Da Moskitov

I tried La mouche this evening, but my fingers where to sore.. and maybe a bit weak for that problem. But this one was a really nice consolation prize. The start is really nice!

Hanna Wegbrant, June 9, 2019 on Nostalgie (assis)

Thank’s for the respond!
Well, I couldn’t help myself not to take the first biggest hole.
Ah. Anyway it was a fun climb. That’s what count in the end right.. 😬 😃

Hanna Wegbrant, June 8, 2019 on Nostalgie (assis)

I´m not sure what problem I did on this video, but it was fun once I figured out some footbeta and the position of my hip through the first moves. My heel wasn´t much of a help at the end. Toe is what should be used!