Petya Metya, September 27, 2021

Staying logged in?

Anyone else experiencing this? When logging in, I tick the box "Remember me" but I still get logged out automatically after a while and still have to fill in my username and password afterwards.
Helen Dudley, September 27, 2021

Hiya Petya, yes I have this on my iPhone, but not on the computer. I understand it was an apple interface issue, but let me remind the tech department and see if he can re-visit it 🤩🤩

Josie, September 28, 2021

I have this with other sites as well. Maybe it is a security setting on your phone?

Petya Metya, October 4, 2021

Thank you, gals, I have an Android phone and I don't have this issue on all websites, but maybe on some, not sure. I will test it on my laptop to see if it's still the case. It's not a big problem, just something I noticed and made me wonder. <3