Height: 152cm
Ape: 148cm

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95.2, 4/13/2018
Josie, November 6, 2021 on Pierrot

I tried it as well and indeed it’s very core and shoulder intens. For me it felt a bit stretched. But maybe you could send a message to either Bérengère or Aurélie on instagram, since they did it☺️?

Josie, November 6, 2021 on Mr Poppers

Allright thank you!

Josie, October 19, 2021 on Compresse Nez (droite)

Have you though Helen? I would loooove to go try this👀.. hint hint

Josie, September 29, 2021 on Mr Poppers

I am also curious of anyone can confirm for sure since it says “sitstart under the crack”. I can’t find any other videos. Can I ask where you have seen them Kathrin? I would like to see them too😀

Josie, September 28, 2021 on Staying logged in?

I have this with other sites as well. Maybe it is a security setting on your phone?

Josie, September 7, 2021 on Searching for Boulder Buddy

I did bouddha and I’m short. High heel and a lot of power💪🏻

Josie, August 7, 2021 on Le Pare Dessus

Note: the exit that we all do is not the original line and is graded 7a

Josie, July 30, 2020 on Contributing to BettyBeta

Hey Helen, how do I import a line that is not on the website yet?

Josie, March 11, 2020 on La Ritournelle

I can not send it yet but use a double toehook on the right and bumb to the sloperledge first before going to the arete

Josie, February 27, 2020 on Humerus (par le haut)

On the video on bleau.info the climber uses an undercling on the right. For me it felt easier to use the right undercling starthold for a heelhook after the first move, and just use the arete for hands. The boulder is nice when you are short because you have to squize between two boulders. Finish with a high right heelhook.

Josie, October 18, 2019 on Pitt Boule

I see this just now! Tried close contact but started to rain. Next time!

Josie, October 13, 2019 on Pitt Boule

It looks cool but a little high. I am all alone so don’t have any spotters. Maybe another time. If you have other nice suggestions of not to high boulders graded from 6c untill 7b let me know. I will be here all week in case you would like to join. Have a nice weekend😊

Josie, October 13, 2019 on Pitt Boule

Thanks! Silvergrey was fun, fits perfectly for shorties. Nice line I think. I will check out the other boulder aswell, thank you for your help

Josie, October 12, 2019 on Pitt Boule

Oh haha that’s a bummer! I see on video’s that even taller people start squatted aswell. We’ll see, going to give it a try today!

Josie, October 12, 2019 on Pitt Boule

Damnit! What did you do? Just squad start and a bit higher? I noticed there is a not so good hold down there too. I thought maybe use that instead for the left hand and put a toe or heel around the left arete to replace the hand haha.

Josie, October 12, 2019 on Pitt Boule

The boulder looks amazing but the sitstart is quite stretched, I can not get my butt anywhere near the ground if it starts on both sides. Any suggestions? Where do you start? Thanks for the help!

Josie, June 7, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

It is on my ticklist but I can’t put left heels because of my injury:(

Josie, June 7, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

I am not anywhere near as strong as you so I don’t think I have any change in this boulder😅. I think tomorrow we will go to either cuisiniere or apremont desert

Josie, June 7, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

I looked at the video and thought the same. It also says on bleau.info that there is a far move which means that I would have to jump

Josie, June 4, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

Ohh that looks really nice though! I am going to give it a try

Josie, June 4, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

I will look but I am not anywhere near as strong as her haha!

Josie, June 3, 2019 on 7a that suits the shortest

Next weekend I will be back in Fontainebleau. I am looking for beautifull lines that suit the really shorts (152cm).
I am into overhang/roofs/heelhooks(right, left is injured).

Tips for nice lines that I have to try are super welcome! I have a huge ticklist thanks to this website but can't choose where to go this time :)

Josie, May 29, 2019 on What is the minor Crash Pad Equipment you take for bouldering?

Do you mean how many crashpads you take with you? I would say it always depense on the boulder.

Josie, May 27, 2019 on Make it grow

Hey! I will try to film more from now on. I have videos of some boulders I think. Follow me on instagram if you like @xjosieanne

Josie, May 27, 2019 on S'il Vous Plaît

Hey everyone,

This boulder is on my ticklist. Does anyone know if it’s supershort friendly?


Josie, April 19, 2019 on Make it grow

Hello everyone,

I am so happy that this platform was created, thanks for that!

I spend a lot of years in a font not being to able to climb anything above 6a. A lot of times this was because I saw boulders in my guidebook and after walking there for 15 minutes I looked at the boulder and realised the moves were to morpho for me. Now everytime I go I do my homework in advance and come to Font well prepared. Now bettybeta is one of the websites I use, so I want to make sure it keeps on growing!

What I have noticed is that there are mainly climbers that climb quit hard stuff. It would be cool to get less experienced climbers on the platform aswell. I was wondering how I could help to spread the word. Insta posts? Flyers? Hashtags?

I would love to hear if there are any ideas about that.

Have a great day!

Josie, April 19, 2019 on The Climbing Girlfriend

I also get annoyed with this so often. I work in our local bouldering gym and even have tall guys that I gave “boulder basics” training tell me how to do a 5 that I need to do different because of height.

When I try to explain that I am only about 1,50 and they are 1,90 they say that they think that that’s not the problem. Someone even said ‘he wanted to teach me how to climb’.

In these moments I really need to calm down and be proud of the soloutions I find.

Luckely my boyfriend started climbing because of me. Allthough he climbs way less he most of the times climbs way harder things then me, but he always understands that I need to do it different and comforts me when it pisses me off sometimes :)

Josie, February 25, 2019 on Irrespirable

Fun boulder on edges. Big move to the jug so I put my right foot up high and put a heelhook around the arete.

Josie, February 25, 2019 on Los Pasos (droite)

Really easy moves on good holds. The end is a little bit more tricky with a very high foot if you are shorter. In the guidebook it's listed 6C.