Respect d'Intention 7a

Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau

Arete Crimps Roof Slopers

Fun problem that feels hard at first but succumbs to plenty of feminine-foot-trickery.

Sit start under the roof, and move out to the arete with powerful moves on a left heel hook at the back of the roof. There are several different ways of tackling the arete, but using a high right heel or toe seems to be good short-person beta for moving right and up onto easier ground.

Climber: Josie

Climbed by


Petra Dvorak, March 8, 2020

great problem, because it's not much easier for tall guys

Aurélie Blaise , March 13, 2021

vraiment classe à grimper et plus technique qu'il n'y parait.

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