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Height: 164cm
Ape: 4cm

Amber Thornton, February 16, 2021 on Jeu de Jambes

For the mantle I find it easier to reach back out to the nose with my left hand

Amber Thornton, February 15, 2021 on Le Jeu du Toit

If your not that good at heelhooking you can always put a double toehook and crimp your way up the face of the rock

Amber Thornton, April 18, 2019 on Lullaby (avec l'arête)

Hey Casja, it is beautiful but a bit confusingly eliminate :P
I used an undercut to control the move to the right arete, beta about halfway through the video here:
>Totally worth it :)

Amber Thornton, November 26, 2018 on Good Vibrations (du fond)

Short powerful roof moves to a slightly exposed 6a stand problem. Underneath has a little erosion in places, be gentle.