La Mouche 7b+

Cuisinière Crête Sud, Fontainebleau

Crimps SitStart

This one doesn't seem like it should fit a woman's style, with what look to be long powerful reaches between good holds.

But that's not how it climbs.

It's actually all about body position on these little micro-slopers and tiny crimps, and cool movements that get you from one to the next.

It's also set in a nice shady corner out of the way of everything, in the prettiest part of the forest. With its short height and perfect landing it's a good option if you want to head off by yourself for the day.

Climber: Beth May
Climber: Josie

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Aurélie Blaise , March 13, 2021

Je pense que ce bloc est plus facile pour les petits! Et vous, vous en pensez quoi?

Beatrice Milanesi, May 30, 2022

A beautiful sequence of crimpy holds!
The main point for me was to keep my core and body position in control.

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