Pierrot 7b

Marion des Roches, Fontainebleau

vraiment un bloc 5 étoiles, super joli, parfait pour l'été, pas morpho. Je vous le conseille à toutes les filles!!

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Aurélie Blaise , June 15, 2021

Cette main droite qui te sauve la vie :D Bien joué!!

Sylvia Hartanto, October 20, 2021

Hello! Question-- how are you guys (ladies) releasing your right toe so easily? Is it the left toe placement that is really good? I was trying this and could not release the right toe at all-- and looking at the videos, it looks like there are some core and left shoulder engagement, but nothing super intense.... I can't figure this out!!

Also tried the right heel hook beta to get the matched hands-- it's awesome and makes it super easy to get to the right hand, but really hard to get out of the left toe after.

Josie, November 6, 2021

I tried it as well and indeed it’s very core and shoulder intens. For me it felt a bit stretched. But maybe you could send a message to either Bérengère or Aurélie on instagram, since they did it☺️?

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