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38 year old, love to go bouldering inside and outside;
have a 7 year old son and a 6 month old daughter
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Height: 170cm
Ape: 3cm

F1 6b
Bois Rond, 10/2/2023
Elin Sändker, July 15, 2021 on skin skin skin

Hey girls...
I have another topic: Skin...

I have big problems with my skin in Bleau!
Usually we spend 3-7 days bouldering in Bleau and then have to head back to germany.
Now we finally spent a week in bleau again and came back to Münster Germany on monday.
For me - I climbed pretty succesfully within the first two days and sorted out another few lines on the third day, but couldn't link it together. I hoped, that it would work out after a restday.
Instead, the rest of the Bleau-holiday felt really "lost" cause my skin was so damaged, that I couldn't hold anything up till we left...
Do you have any advices for things I could do before heading to bleau, while climbing or to cure afterwards?
Thanks a lot!

Elin Sändker, July 15, 2021 on La Grande Marche

Hi Caroline - thanks for the video. So great to see bouldering-success after having a baby... :-)
I will try out to use this heel hook for the first move into the crack... up from there I didn't need it, but in the video it looked like it makes the second move a bit more stable aswell.
Can't wait to be back.
Thanks a lot

Elin Sändker, July 13, 2021 on La Grande Marche

Oh thanks for your answers - I could work out the jam and finish the boulder up from the jam, but didn't get enough time to sort my hand right with the normal mens beta. I was a bit frustrated, because my partner (about 1.85) did this move so easily (and he's not stronger than me ;-)) - so it depends on height a lot right?
A heel hook right could help to stabilize... good idea.
Thanks a lot...
And thanx for all your hard work in the forest.

Elin Sändker, July 13, 2021 on La Grande Marche

Hey - has anybody a good advice for the first move? I sorted out the rest of the boulder, but I could not work out the first move properly. I had sooo many tries and sometimes I made the first move nearly perfectly and then I could not repeat it for another 20 goes... I left quite sad with bleeding fingers and still dont get, what I have to change. I am 1.71 tall and started with both hands low in the middle.