Elin Sändker, July 15, 2021

skin skin skin

Hey girls...
I have another topic: Skin...

I have big problems with my skin in Bleau!
Usually we spend 3-7 days bouldering in Bleau and then have to head back to germany.
Now we finally spent a week in bleau again and came back to Münster Germany on monday.
For me - I climbed pretty succesfully within the first two days and sorted out another few lines on the third day, but couldn't link it together. I hoped, that it would work out after a restday.
Instead, the rest of the Bleau-holiday felt really "lost" cause my skin was so damaged, that I couldn't hold anything up till we left...
Do you have any advices for things I could do before heading to bleau, while climbing or to cure afterwards?
Thanks a lot!

Esther Schneider, July 31, 2021

I would be interested in an answer too ^^ I am thinking of getting some Rhino skin solution for the next trip?!

Aurélie Blaise , August 1, 2021

Hello Elin!
I can share what works for me skin wise!
1. You won't like this: rest days, one rest day is generally enough to grow more skin, 2 is optimum
2. After climbing I sometimes use (when I am on a trip) a cream that's called porphydral that I put several times a day after climbing (like every 30 min) (6 euros in any pharmacy)
3. another thing that do work for me is the rhino skin repair (I think it's amazing) but it's expansive and hard to find in France
Lastly, I would recommend antihydral (5-7 euros in a pharmacy or amazon) if you sweat a lot and even if you sweat moderately because sweating makes you use more skin and antihydral reduces the sweat, the use of chalk, the use of skin... great circle. I hope that helps!!!
The Rhino skin (normal) contains antihydral and other stuffs but again is just a more expansive solution.
Enjoy your next trip with :)

Elin Prasun, August 25, 2021

Hi Aurelie,
thank you so much for your answer and so many advices. I already used some Antihydral and I ordered some Rhino.
Found it at epic tv shop, but it's still not delivered yet.
Did you get some Esther?
Regarding Antihydral - do you have some experience, how it works best?
Thank you so much.
I hope I can try it out in Bleau in octobre :-)

Esther Schneider, September 6, 2021

I also got it from the Epic TV Shop ^^
It is under testing, I can tell you more in some weeks :)