La Voie de Kim (assis) 7a

J.A. Martin, Fontainebleau

Overhang Roof Wall

The sitstart of blue 19. The line starts with some long moves on good holds, followed by a scatchy left-right turn into a gaston from a slippery foothold.

Climbed by


Aurélie Blaise , August 1, 2021

Se fait seule avec un pad si vous avez bien repéré la sortie dans le bleu avant !

Terri Lesher, April 13, 2023

We had a hard time finding this. If you don’t have an app with gps, the topo on is good- just note that this is on the “sky blue” circuit, not the regular blue circuit. (They are not very close together and while the area is lovely for walking it can be cumbersome with pads 😉)

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