Hygge 7a

Roche aux Oiseaux, Fontainebleau

Arete Overhang SitStart

Nice little problem that looks morpho but actually isn't if you rock over your left foot enough. Exit through the right slab not the easier left one. Feels a bit soft for the grade, but might depend a lot on conditions. (Please note that it is amost a lying start, so if possible avoid a crashpad as large as the one in the video below ;-) )

Climbed by


Terri Lesher, April 5, 2023

The first move felt impossible until I got a little toe scum along with the heel hook. The next two moves are blind, so it helps to memorize how your left arm looks and feels when you are on them correctly (I was racing against rain, so I actually put a chalk mark on my arm- silly but effective 😂).

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