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Height: 173cm
Ape: -3cm

Jantje Schelp, April 15, 2021 on Mort Intime

The crux for me was reaching the last left hand hold before the top. I'm a little taller so the right heel hook (as seen in the picture) and long reach just barely worked for me. A much shorter friend of mine did it by using what I call an egyptian (right foot as high as possible and left foot on the spikey crimp, with the left hip turned to the wall). Hope this makes sense and helps :)

Jantje Schelp, September 27, 2019 on Le Pansu (assis)

Unlike on the bleau.info video I went up left hand first. Left foot on the good foothold and right foot just against the rock. The key for me was to do the sit start without a crashpad because my right foot kept dabbing on the pad after the first move. Awesome area!