Mine de Rien (assis) 7c

91.1, Fontainebleau

Crimps SitStart

A hidden gem in a dark corner, this has a tendency to 'sweat' in moist conditions. Sitstart on good crimps, without a crashpad. There are several different ways up, and different frames will climb very differently, but there is no reaching past the difficult sections. The stand alone goes at about 6a+

Climbed by


Helen Dudley, April 17, 2019

If you get it on a good day the tiny sloper crimp on the right will work as a lay-back that turns the problem into two 6bs tied together by a lucky catch. I used my flexible hips to get in a high left heel hook and bump up onto the key undercling that marks the start of the 6a+ upper section.

Wilhelmina, April 17, 2019

It's also somewhat "lank-proof", so you won't have to suffer a constant stream of no-technique strong dudes hiking the thing while you project. They'll pull hard, swear, fall off a few times, and go home. Leaving you in peace in this nice hidden corner of the forest.

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