Ambidextre (droite) 7a

Franchard Hautes Plaines, Fontainebleau

Climbed by


Terri Lesher, May 1

Please be aware of the following warning about this boulder on “Caution (April 2019) : some climbers have reported that the boulder is slightly moving. Be very careful if you try it and tell us any evolution of the problem.”

Petra Dvorak, May 4

I have been there in March 2022, and even heavier climbers than me climbed on the block, but we didn't notice any movement. Only there was a sound of two big trees knocking when moving against each other in the wind...

Terri Lesher, May 4

Good to know! It looks like a fun climb and you did a great job on it. Just shared what’s on for informational purposes :)

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