Ambidextre (droite) 7a

Franchard Hautes Plaines, Fontainebleau

Climbed by


Terri Lesher, May 1, 2022

Please be aware of the following warning about this boulder on “Caution (April 2019) : some climbers have reported that the boulder is slightly moving. Be very careful if you try it and tell us any evolution of the problem.”

Petra Dvorak, May 4, 2022

I have been there in March 2022, and even heavier climbers than me climbed on the block, but we didn't notice any movement. Only there was a sound of two big trees knocking when moving against each other in the wind...

Terri Lesher, May 4, 2022

Good to know! It looks like a fun climb and you did a great job on it. Just shared what’s on for informational purposes :)

Terri Lesher, November 11, 2022

We decided to try this yesterday. It seemed sturdy, but as my (tall but slim) husband made his way up the big slopers out right the boulder definitely moved. It was so slight that he didn’t feel it, but I was standing on that side and saw it rocking back and forth each time he moved his right hand. He could also rock it by leaning into the boulder from the backside. It’s been rainy lately, so maybe it’s worse when the ground is soft??? Either way, I’d skip this one. Disappointing because it seemed like fun.

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