Helen Dudley, May 17, 2019


Who uses which weather forecasts for the area? Any recommendations for a reliable site?
Dani P., May 22, 2019

Hi! They are not especially for this area, but I usually use meteocentrale.ch and kachelmannwetter.com... They give detailed forecasts only for two or three days but everything else is not reliable anyway, they say. Combining them I made very good experiences. In the last six weeks they've only been completely wrong once. :-)

Helen Dudley, May 22, 2019

That’s amazing Dani, only wrong once! I think Accuweather has only been right once! I’m swapping to meteocentrale!!

Christina Herlitschka, May 22, 2019

In Germany wenn have the app "Regenradar" and that's very good for the next hours. It also works for Fontainebleau or any other area.

Terri Lesher, May 22, 2019

When we stayed at Maison Bleau years ago, our host Neil Hart recommended https://www.yr.no/. He lived there year round and thought it was the most accurate. It has worked well for us when we visit!

nunanuna, May 23, 2019

I use Yr.no but I do Not trust any weather websites anymore! Hahahaha