Height: 168cm
Ape: 168cm

Benco 6a
95.2, 5/16/2019
Dani P., April 28, 2023 on Pulpfriction (debout)

Hi Jessie, I ran into the same contradiction as you. The stand start on the left didn't feel like a 6b either, more like 5+, in my opinion. I interpreted the foto and description of Bleau.info to mean that the 6b goes along the other face, that is the standing start of pulpfriction 7a+. And this version felt more 6b-ish. But not sure about that. That would mean the stand start on the left side doesn't exist on bleau.info yet.

Dani P., October 24, 2022 on Raise on the Flop

I did the first move in another way than most climbers, thats why I added my video (which is not yet uploaded, you can watch it here in the meantime): https://youtube.com/shorts/9VmQI81Hv_o).
I don't have a big span but it felt easier for me to reach out to the ledge instead of taking the crimp near the starting holds... Sorry, I don't have a video of the send, so I had to cut it together and you can't see the topout.

Dani P., February 10, 2021 on La Narine (assis)

I liked the dynamic move to the top! If you do the mantle on the front face, its 6a, my version is easier, 5c.

Dani P., June 29, 2020 on Le Trou qui Tue

Hi Chloé, I've added a photo of the start, it should be uploaded soon. I remember I've needed the big crashpad to reach the starting holds, and the rest of the boulder was more like a battle, but with lots of fun. We laughed a lot, because it looks so silly when you fall down, normally one leg kicked out ;-) Key to get it done was a high right foot, put in the little "hole" (if I remember well)

Dani P., June 10, 2019 on Can We Really ‘Leave No Trace’?

I agree 100% - and I think it's a very important topic you talk about!! If we want to conserve this wonderful forest as a climbing area (and that's our interest), we have to respect such guidelines. RESPECT BLEAU! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Dani P., May 22, 2019 on Weather

Hi! They are not especially for this area, but I usually use meteocentrale.ch and kachelmannwetter.com... They give detailed forecasts only for two or three days but everything else is not reliable anyway, they say. Combining them I made very good experiences. In the last six weeks they've only been completely wrong once. :-)

Dani P., May 5, 2019 on Girls fun Sunday

Let me know :-)

Dani P., May 5, 2019 on Girls fun Sunday

Hi Helen, I'm Dani from Germany, 44 years old and addicted to bouldering in Bleau. That's why I took 2 months off for living here. So if you meet up again let me know, I'm happy to join you. Last year I climbed my first 6a boulders here and motivated to improve myself :-)