Helen Dudley, April 20, 2019

Girls fun Sunday

If there are any girls around who fancy meeting up on Sunday 21st April at La Segognole, we’re meeting up from 10.30 for some fun on orange and red circuit problems.
Dani P., May 5, 2019

Hi Helen, I'm Dani from Germany, 44 years old and addicted to bouldering in Bleau. That's why I took 2 months off for living here. So if you meet up again let me know, I'm happy to join you. Last year I climbed my first 6a boulders here and motivated to improve myself :-)

Helen Dudley, May 5, 2019

That would be great Dani, let’s do it again soon :-)

Dani P., May 5, 2019

Let me know :-)