Michelle Kuiper, July 19, 2020

Dyno's for girls, any recommendations?

Hi Girls,
I would like to improve my dyno skills and I was wondering if anyone knows suitable dyno's for people who are shorter (I am 168). I did Keo (7a - Canche aux Merciers) and La Quille (en jete direct) (6c - Bois Rond) and working on Mekka (7a+ - Rocher d'Avon Ouest). I rarely see any video's of girls dyno so it's hard to find my new dyno project. I would love to try some more jumpy lines so does anyone have a recommendation between 6c and 7a+? I looked at Bali Balan (7a - Apremont Envers) and Miss Dynamite (7a - Franchard Hautes Plaines) already and would like to try them.