Le Casse-Dalle (assis) 7a

Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau

Arete Morpho SitStart

A sit start to a red problem that's pretty fun on its own. Sadly for shorties, it helps to have a bit of extra reach for the first move. Good technique and flexibility can make up for it, but be prepared to watch a few lanky guys hike this in front of you while you're working all that out.

Note: Technically, this starts with an undercut for the left hand as on Bleau.info, but if you are tiny this ties you in knots. I don't think it adds to the difficulty of the problem, but if you want to be strict, you should check this out.

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Caroline Coolen, November 13, 2019

I wouldn't had put it into Morpho since I'm only 1,62 cm and I did it but it's obviously easier if you're taller (I do agree).

Michelle Kuiper, May 6, 2021

I am not sure it makes a big difference to the grade but according to Bleau.info you need to start with a crimp right hand and a low vertical crack left hand.

Aurélie Blaise , May 6, 2021

Bien vu pour le départ @Michelle! Perso, je pense que ça ne change pas grand chose mais c'est comme ça que c'est indiqué sur bleau info: une main dans la fissure!

Mélanie Jeulin, May 6, 2021

Pour l'avoir fait avec le départ indiqué sur Bleau.info, je trouve que c'est un poil plus dur car la mise en place n'est pas facile, mais effectivement ce n'est pas grand chose. Je pense que le départ est du coup un peu plus difficile pour les grands !

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