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Height: 162cm
Ape: 168cm

Benco 6a
95.2, 9/30/2018
Caroline Coolen, January 24 on Do Shoes Really make a difference?

Just saw the video of Le Denmat in La Super Prestat, I guess for him the answer is that it doesn't matter at all haha. (Link :

Caroline Coolen, November 13 on Le Casse-Dalle (assis)

I wouldn't had put it into Morpho since I'm only 1,62 cm and I did it but it's obviously easier if you're taller (I do agree).

Caroline Coolen, October 30 on Lost in Translation

I've seen this boulder is became a 7a in

Caroline Coolen, September 17, 2019 on Scarlatine (assis)

The description on is quite messy, is this starting on the right with an undercling to go to the right for the first move (with a left toe and a right hell hook) or is this starting more on the left for you? 😊 Thanks!

Caroline Coolen, August 24, 2019 on y'a pas photo

Why isn't this route into Looks so nice to climb!

Caroline Coolen, June 18, 2019 on Black Hole Sun

Hello girls,
Helen is right, the original version of Black Hole Sun start before the start that you did but maybe you can send it as a first ascent like "Black Hole Sun (raccourci)". If you want to see the original version, I just upload a video :)

Caroline Coolen, June 18, 2019 on Off Topic? Clothes besides sport

Hey Christina,

I did have the same trouble, espacially with bra haha. I didn't found a secret yet since my body is more like a 34/36 and which my shoulders it's not the same. But well, I do wear free shoulders tops as much as I can and if it's cold, the cardigans are always great for the office or some sweat.

Caroline Coolen, June 18, 2019 on What is the minor Crash Pad Equipment you take for bouldering?

If I have to choose one crash, it's always my Ocun Dominator because it's very nice for ankles :)

Caroline Coolen, June 11, 2019 on S'il Vous Plaît

Hello Josie,
This boulder is friendly for short people with a special start : You can start with a double toe-hook or a heel hook (the last one was my beta) and hold the start hold :)