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Do Shoes Really make a difference?

Why are we so obsessed with what we have on our feet? Does it really make a difference what shoes you wear?

Can We Really ‘Leave No Trace’?

Bouldering has it's impact on the forest, no matter how hard we try to 'leave no trace'

Why don't women post videos?

Investigating the reasons why women are less likely to post videos of their own achievements. It seems that social conditioning and modesty play a big part in reticence to share personal...

Does a Climber S**t in the Woods?

The less you can go in the wild, the better. But if nature calls at the crag, do your business right.

Female rivalry: why all women get stung by the queen bee syndrome

As with any other community, relations between climbers are very much a reflection of the good and the bad in society more broadly — and it is no different when it comes to female rivalry.

Contributing to BettyBeta

An active group of supportive women can help us reach the full potential of what this site can be. Here's what you can do to help.

Community Guidelines

There aren't many truly supportive, friendly places on the internet. Let's all go out of our way to be the exception to that rule.

What's in name?

Why is Bettybeta called Betty Beta? The associations behind the name

The Climbing Girlfriend

There are still too many women with potential following their boyfriends around as a second fiddle.

Pregnancy and Beyond

It doesn't matter how excited you are to fall pregnant, as a climber you cannot help but be a little apprehensive about the changes you will have to make.

Climbing in Fontainebleau - What's the big deal?

For my first few trips here I came with strong climbers, mainly guys, who wanted to go home with a number of 'ticks'. So what changed? CIRCUITS!