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Mothers Day!

Canche aux Merciers, Fontainebleau

So, while this was a week late for the UK Mother's day, we used it as an excuse to focus our day on getting the Mum's on the rocks. I think we ended up with 5 families all with kids under 5. Some of the fathers stayed to herd kids, and some well behaved little ones fell asleep in strollers. As there were no children over 5 we didn't take advantage of the awesome offer by Gaetane Hay from CLAC @Lucaneagile to run a 'forest school' to entertain the older kids.

Lots of other supportive ladies joined to, and we climbed every grade from purple to 7b between us!!

I am soooo pleased we did this. We were blessed with great weather, just a little blessing that barely dampened the tops at about noon, followed by intermittent sun and breeze all afternoon. By the end of the day everyone was exchanging telephone number to meet again, as far away as South Africa!! The vibe was amazing! If anyone is thinking about maybe joining us for a session some time, please do have a look through the photos, the laughs, the smiles, the try-hard faces, the support, and the goofy moments ... and those are only the ones I caught on film!!! There were many many more.


Bex Shearring , March 25, 2023

Thanks for a lovely day of climbing. It was so good to try hard again and in such a supportive environment.