Canche aux Merciers


Canche aux Merciers has a lot going for it, so it's surprising that it's not more popular.

It has circuits of every level, from a kids' white up to a stiff red (as well as yellow, orange and blue for everybody else). As well as a ton of off circuit lines such as the super classic La Grande Marche 7a+, Le Nez 6b+ and Jeu de Jambes 6a.

The landings are all flat sand, and the problems are seldom high, meaning you can do most anything solo with just one pad. The sand does mean that lots of the footholds have become polished over the years, so take care and always remember to clean your feet well before stepping off the ground.

But the best thing about Canche is the great giant beach of sand out in front that makes a perfect spot for kids to run around, with some nice shade trees with flat rocks to lay out a picnic and set up camp. It's ideal for a warm lazy semi-rest day in the forest.

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