Surf Betty 6c+

Vallée Chaude, Fontainebleau

Crimps Roof SitStart

sitstart matched in a pocket, and move left into the undercut without using your feet on the pedestal under the block. Reach to a small dish on the lip and exit on the left of the arete.

Climbed by


Helen Dudley, October 22, 2019

Ok, so I'm biased because I opened this line, but it is so much fun for someone of just my height!! Sit start to the right of the wave, matched in a pocket, and avoiding the pedestal. Move out to a luscious undercling, and using core strength, a foot jam and a tiny crimp on the face, make a full-length dead-point to a small dish on the lip. The move left around the corner is easier if you can bunch your feet up really high.

Stefanie Fella, May 29

Cool line! I could use a right kneebar to stretch out to the dish - it's definitely harder if you are too short to do so..

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