Y'a pas Foto 6c+

Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau

BadLanding Crack Roof

Super cool girl-friendly moves, including pulling the lip using a hand jam. There's a boulder behind to add some spice to the last move, so it's handy to have a good spotter.

The last move seems like it should be too long, but in reality shorter climbers can reach just fine. You just gotta commit!

Climbed by


Helen Dudley, February 24, 2019

This appears in some guidebooks as a 7a+. Maybe it's not quite that hard, but it is a great line, and has the option of using a hand-jam and plenty of girl-foot-trickery. Take care not to jam the foot in too well at the start, because you'll end up on your head if your hand-jam slips out!!

Crouching start on the horizontal break using a left hand jam and right foot jam. Reach backwards to place the right hand-jam in the crack on the lip, then the left on the sloper next to it. reach around the lip to a good hold on the vertical crack with your right hand, and bring your feet out to the front face. Trust the left hand sloper and a marginal right hand to place a toe jam in the crack, and udge on up to the jug on the right. it helps to have good hip flexibility for this last move if you're not very tall.

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