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Eco Chalk Demo Day

Franchard Hautes Plaines, Fontainebleau

Just before the Festival D'escalade Sustainable in Milly la Foret back in May I received a pack of chalk from Third Rock, their Technochalk. This chalk is not mined like classic climbing chalk, it is manufactured from the waste products of desalination plants. With all the negative press around chalk mining, I was all about trying this new chalk! In fact, I won the competition, completely surprisingly, against some much stronger climbers! I'm not saying it was all down to the change in chalk, but it obviously wasn't a bad thing!! Then, I discovered that the chalk brand sponsoring the festival, Chalk Rebels, was also a brand using only magnesium carbonate from desalination plants, and they made a liquid chalk. I was super excited to try this out too. From my first experiences, and those of a few friends, we were delighted with the performance of the product. This is when I developed the idea of sharing the revelation, and an ECO CHALK DEMO DAY was born.

We received a box of samples from both companies, and the date was set for June 25th... but it rained! It was the last session scheduled before Summer, so we postponed the test until September.

During the summer I have also been in touch with a British chalk manufacturer, Rock Technologies. These guys use MgCO3 that is mined, and manufactured in their Greenfield HQ on the edge of the Peak District.by an environmentally sensitive extraction method. All of their packaging is recyclable and they are justifiably proud of their UK manufactured product. Rock Technologies have provided us with 3 types of sample, liquid chalk with resin, liquid chalk without resin, and loose chalk.

I would like to run a demo with about 30 girls, all using all 5 of the different chalks. Let me know what you think!! Are these chalks as good or better than regular chalk? Would you change? Does it matter?

Arrive at 11am, warm-up with us, then work your way around the chalk stations. We will have demos at all levels of block, and we invite you to join us on those as well as a selection of other girl-friendly blocks that you can share throughout the day.

Please check out my article on Eco Chalk and form your own opinion

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