La Moreau (assis) 7a

Éléphant, Fontainebleau

Overhang Pockets SitStart

Cool little game that turns a 6a into a 7a. The sit start is a challenge of flexibility, then pull up on pockets to easier ground above.

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Aurélie Blaise , March 15, 2021

Même méthode qu'Helen jusqu'au trou main droite, puis j'ai changé mon talon droit pour une pointe et j'ai continué mon chemin dans la sortie en 6a. Joli mouvement de départ. Se travaille bien seul avec un seul pad. Haut facile et pas dangereux, c'est le début qui est "difficile".

Maja Lecher, June 29, 2023

Ethics question/discussion: does going straight into the heel hook via a stacked pad count as a tick? On the one hand only the starting holds are defined on and there's public ascents starting with the hook (albeit by taller people that could reach it from a single pad, which my leg simply is not long enough for), on the other hand the move into the hook is a crux in its own right that definitely ups the difficulty by another + imo. It's such a cool move either way though and definitely feels possible, I was just wondering about the general opinion on these types of ascents!

Helen Dudley, June 29, 2023

Hi Maja, in my opinion you don’t get to stack pads for foot holds. It’s definitely a grey area stacking pads anyway, but for me I feel reaching hand holds is legit because it’s impossible without. In this case the route is definitely possible from a sit with different foot holds. The move after the high heel is easier if you’re short, so it kind-of evens the playing field a bit. I guess, ultimately, you decide for yourself, because you only climb to please yourself, no one else. Have fun!!!

Aurélie Blaise , June 29, 2023

Hi Maja, agreed with Helen.
One simple pad is enough for this block. Cheers

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