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Height: 161cm
Ape: 0cm

Janna Sullivan, November 11, 2021 on Graviton question

Hey! I’m Janna and I’m on the way home from a lovely time in Font. I’m wondering if there’s a good spot for my right heel hook at the top of graviton. My slightly taller friends seemed to talk about getting their heels farther in and finding a little notch but for me it doesn’t feel like I’m even close to getting my foot that far! Should I just suck it up and trust the smear/friction on top? Or shoot my leg farther in hope of finding a notch? I’m 160 btw! Thanks I’m advance 😊

Janna Sullivan, November 9, 2021 on Bouddha (assis)

Could only ever barely grab the undercling! So I pushed super hard with my fight foot in order to make the undercling more level with my face and then I was able to go for the little jug/sidepull - and the rest is very juggy!