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Alex Martynowicz, March 4, 2020 on In town, hoping to climb

I will be alone. I’m happy to do an early morning! And I work with little kids, so love having them around. Would you be alright if I took transport to meet you somewhere (your home or somewhere public)? as I’m very unfamiliar with the area. Can connect via WhatsApp as well if that helps with communication.

Alex Martynowicz, March 3, 2020 on In town, hoping to climb

Hello! My name is Alexandra, and I will be visiting Paris the week of March 16th. Would anyone want to climb together in Font. (avail 17th-19th)? I typically lead/top rope, but it seems like bouldering is the thing to do! Would love to connect with some climbing ladies, even for a session indoors (have heard great things about Block’Out).