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Betty Christmas Cancelled

Rocher de la Reine, Fontainebleau

This is so thoroughly flippin lame!!! I was out in the forest all afternoon today (15 Dec), and didn’t find a single dry rock! I’m bummed because I had my Christmas outfit and picnic snack all planned, but in all honesty I cannot condone climbing tomorrow. It is just too wet. I’m so sorry for all the girls who were looking forward to this. Let’s do our Christmas party in the Spring! 🥳🥳🥳

For our last meet before Christmas lets go to a nice south-facing hillside and see if we can stay warm. Rocher de la Reine has a great yellow and orange circuit, some bold blues, fun sixes and accessible 7s!

We will meet at 11am in front of the ‘Napoleon’ block here for a warm-up, and we’ll assess how dry this part of the area is. If it still seems damp we will move higher up the hill, eventually ending up https://maps.app.goo.gl/VJQCa35rmQWWV4rm8?g_st=ic'>here near Komodo Dragon

If you like you can bring a bit of festive food to share and we’ll pause for a picnic snack around 14.00. But don’t forget that everything starts to get damp around 16.00, so do arrive early if you want to get plenty of climbing in!